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About Us

Legacy Designs is one of those extraordinary enterprises doing big things. How? By actually delivering  top-tier service, sales and support to clients around the world. And yes, service does come first ...and it stays that way long after the sale. When you build your business on a foundation of being responsive, resourceful and reliable, you become more to your clients than just another sales organization become a trusted ally and partner.


Perhaps it's the high altitude, endless blue skies and majestic Rocky Mountains that inspire  this attitude of service. The fact is we've earned our great reputation and even greater clients by offering  quality products from trusted manufactures at highly competitive margins.

Legacy Designs is located in Denver, Colorado at the base of the Rocky Mountains
Bert Wilson


Growing up in beautiful Northwestern Montana fostered a genuine love of the outdoors and instilled a set of small town values that are easily discerned throughout Legacy’s business practices. Perhaps it’s Bert’s strong sense of family that transcends into his business relationships. Essentially, doing business with Bert means you become friends …and, if you’re a friend, you can expect to be treated like family.

Marilyn Kuhar


Originating from Akron, Ohio, Marilyn attended the University of Akron and received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Along with droves of others from the mid-west, she and her husband, Bob, moved to Colorado in 1981 and have been happy transplants in Broomfield ever since. 

Michelle Evans


Voted ‘best smile’ in high school, it’s no wonder this Colorado native has gone on to do great things. (Tongue in cheek of course.)  Originally with a background in various administrative functions, Michelle joined Legacy Designs at a time when as mother of two teenagers, juggling the family calendar and serving clients was the norm. Though the ‘kids’ are now on their own, many of the clients Michelle acquired back then she still serves today

Our Team


Michelle Evans of Legacy Designs Inc.
Marilyn Kuhar of Legacy Designs Inc.
Bert Wilson, Founder of Legacy Designs Inc.

We'll be the first to tell you that the relationships we've formed with our clients is a significant aspect of our business, but more important is the characteristic type of client we serve. Our clients are those seeking a partner, someone who'll work with them in perfecting a solution; someone who sees the big picture, not just a sale. They're open to new ideas and trust us in seeking out innovation. They understand we're as clever as we are practical and won't just spin our wheels out of professional respect.  If this sounds anything like you, then it's likely we'd be a good fit for working together and would invite you to start the conversation.

Corey Wilson


As a Colorado native, Corey has spent the majority of his life living and loving the Colorado culture and lifestyle.  


Though a newer member of the team, Corey brings another perspective from the telecom industry that’s sure to compliment Legacy’s expertise, “It is all about customer relationships that allow a company to be successful” says Corey, “and frankly it doesn’t matter what industry you are in, if you always focus on doing what's right for the client, you'll be successful.” 


Michelle Evans of Legacy Designs Inc.
Graduating from Montana State University with a bachelor’s degree in business, Bert and his wife, Marguerite, moved to Colorado in 1984. Having worked in leadership positions for a variety of other organizations, Bert founded Legacy Designs in 1996 to meet the unique needs of technology companies.


With a sizable family of 5 adult children and 2 grandchildren, he’s learned what it takes to bring life and work into balance, especially considering that Bert recently earned a graduate degree in accounting just to learn more about the subject.


If asked, Bert would likely describe his perfect day as one spent with family and friends in activities such as hiking, bicycling, boating, snow or water skiing …or simply hanging out on the porch over a nice cocktail.

After serving a tenure in the financial services sector, she began working for Legacy Designs in 1997 and developed a penchant for helping customers  with their technical furniture projects from start to finish.


In her free time, she and her husband Bob enjoy travel, motorcycle excursions, crafting their special green chili recipe and taking their dogs, Rowdy and Trooper for walks. And, with the arrival of a first grandchild, their free time may soon have another itinerary.

In Michelle’s words “it’s all about relationships, I’ve never given my clients a reason not to trust me …I listen to what they want and then find the best way meet that need, I don’t get all salesy on them …I become the friend that’s there to help them”.As an avid gardener, Michelle easily sites the Latin names for flowers in her garden and keeps a veggie patch for growing heirloom varieties and other things to nibble. Married in the Christmas blizzard of ’82, she and husband, John, rather prefer summers for their ‘chill’ time, especially on the patio over a good Moscato.
Playing football, baseball and soccer from an early age, Corey attributes most of his core values as being derived from experiences learned on the playing field. Values such as teamwork, persistence, and overcoming adversity have shaped the way he works with both colleagues and clients alike.In his free time you can find him either snowboarding, camping, along with enjoying the "occasional" craft beer. If you hadn’t already guessed it, he’s also a died in the wool Denver Broncos fan.

There's an almost endless number of causes which companies support financially as well as directly in terms of human involvement, including many hours of service. To us, serving our community is life enriching. Please take a moment to consider how you or you company might also benefit these organizations.

FIRST - For Inspiration in Recognition of Science and Technology



Their mission is to show students of every age that science, technology, and problem-solving are not only fun and rewarding, but are proven paths to successful careers and a bright future for us all.  FIRST kids are significantly more likely to attend college, major in science or engineering, and be outstanding future employees and citizens. FIRST learning never stops building upon itself, starting at age 6 and continuing through age 18. Participants master skills and concepts to aid in learning science and technology through innovative projects such as robotics competitions, while gaining valuable employment and life skills. FIRST is about changing our culture… for the better.


Be sure to view their highlights video sharing how over 18,000 kids converged at the recent 2015 FIRST Championship - the ultimate Sport for the Mind™.



With our connection to Colorado and shared love for the outdoors, Legacy Designs made the decision to sponsor the Barn Owl Nest Camera to bring the heart and soul of CARRI to the attention of our website guests. After clicking on the video activation button you'll see a 'live view' of this Barn Owl nest. Please take a few minutes to learn more about CARRI below ...and, of course enjoy checking in on the nest to see what's 'hatching'. 


1) Research: As part of our ongoing efforts, we would like to acquire the additional materials for constructing and placing 10 more Barn Owl Nest Boxes, 10 Great Horned Owl Nest Structures, 10 Eastern Screech Owl Nest Boxes and 10 American Kestrel Boxes. This includes placing cameras inside each station, or as many as possible with an available wifi connection.


CARRI is looking for individuals and corporations willing to fund such projects. We would place nest boxes on or near private structures such as garages and barns; as well as large office buildings. This enables CARRI and the public to learn more about these species. It also lets the birds to do what they do best, which is creating a natural pest control ecosystem for the environment.


2) Education: Through educating students in grade school, middle school and high school students, conservation groups, as well as adults about the importance of  conserving habitat for birds we then make it our objective to work with them in the construction and placement of nest boxes and platforms, providing for raptors as well as songbirds such as bluebirds, wrens and swallows.  


3) Rehabilitation: CARRI's other major focus is the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned birds. Each year CARRI receives numerous birds that need care. Some are found on the ground and assumed to be orphaned. Others have injuries ranging from minor scrapes to major trauma. This care often takes several months and is quite costly. Your generous donations will aid in the care of these birds and their release back into the wild.


CARRI works locally with Law Enforcement, Animal Control and Colorado Parks & Wildlife, in the recovery, rehabilitation and release of injured birds. 

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