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Various Types of Enclosures

Network Enclosures


Network enclosures are typically wall mounted and are designed for switches and appliances that require side to side airflow. We also offer enclosures designed for outdoor use. 

Server Rack Enclosures


These Enclosures are designed for standard 19” rack mount equipment and come in various widths, heights and depths. Quick ship options are available for many standard configurations. Options include cable management and rack PDUs to provide basic distribution, remote monitoring and control at the receptacle level. 

Specialty Enclosures


We work directly with the manufacture in modifying many standard enclosure offerings to address the specific requirements of our customers.

Blade Enclosures


These Enclosures are designed for Hi-Density Blade configurations and typically require upgrades for extensive cable management.

Co-Lo Enclosures


These are designed specifically for co-location and web-hosting environments as 19” Rack-mount enclosures. 

Thermal Solutions


To improve data center efficiency through better cooling we provide industry expertise and recommendations for hot aisle/cold aisle configurations, row containment systems, air flow chimney’s, High Density Cooling Integrated Racks, Coolcentric RDHx doors and other valuable turnkey solutions for airflow management.

Cabinet Accessories


We additionally offer numerous cable management options, PDUs, Rack-mount UPS, blanking panels and directed air flow tiles to fully outfit your enclosures.

Technical Products


Power: To keep your IT systems running we offer rack mount and floor mounted uninterruptible power systems and power distribution units.  Click here to learn more about Liebert (Vertiv) power solutions.


KVM: Legacy offers Digital and analog KVM appliances from Avocent to consolidate access at the desks, rack or an entire data center.

Data Center Services


Legacy can also coordinate with industry experts to provide data center services including: cleaning, asset tracking, CFD analysis and raised floor construction and repair.


Emerson SmartCabinet


The Emerson SmartCabinet offers a unique solution for larger organizations with multiple branchs and SMB's alike a highly practical and affordable way to meet their on-site IT needs.


This small out-of-the-way cabinet provides everything needed to store, manage and monitor IT requirements. Perfect for Medical and Specialty practices that also have demands of higher security compliance.

Server Racks & Enclosure Cabinets

Whether you have a network closet or an entire datacenter, we offer all types of enclosures to house all your critical equipment manufactured by e-Systems Group and Liebert (Vertiv),. And, to keep your systems running we offer UPS units, PDUs, monitoring and KVM switching from Liebert and Avocent (Vertiv)

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