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Network Operation Center (NOC)

Network Operation Center (NOC)


Although Network Operation Centers have been around for decades, we have seen them become more abundant with the push for Cloud and Colocation services.  A NOC is a network management center in which a network is managed through a computer, telecommunications, or satellite networks.

Network Operation Centers are implemented in organizations that necessitate complex networking environments and require high availability.

  • Cloud / Colocation Providers

  • Government Agencies

  • Universities

  • Telecommunications / Business Organization


Network Operation Centers can serve many purposes, from troubleshooting to providing a constant flow of communication to technicians.  Whatever the instance, Network Operations Centers (NOC) have procedures in place based on a hierarchy set of guidelines in order to remediate the issue and alert the proper technicians and stakeholders.  It is also likely they will have a sufficient Uninterruptible Power Supply and redundancy to prevent against catastrophes that cannot be anticipated.

  • Incident Response

  • Network Monitoring

  • Communications Management

  • Reporting Problems

Are all functions the Network Operation Center will serve.  Like a Control Room, or Command Center, a NOC will have characteristics that make it unique to its core purpose.  It is highly critical to design and build according to these requirements.

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