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Comparison Cost/Benefit Analysis

One advantage to being an Open Dealer is working with many manufacturers who offer competing products. This allows us to easily contrast and compare the variety of options available to you. Although true ‘apples to apples’ comparisons are rare since most manufacturers products vary to some degree, this at least can provide you with good information to consider specific to individual product benefits and matching comparisons costs.

Data Center Cleaning Services


We are now proud to offer a service that specializes in the cleansing and decontamination of your most Critical Facilities Following a strict set of ASHRAE and ISO requirements, each clean is performed exclusively by certified technicians and tested before and after for to ensure your Data Center/Control Room falls within the required specifications.  Whether you need Subfloor Cleaning, Ceiling/Plenum Cleaning, Post Construction, Server/Infrastructure, Air Quality, or a Full Facility Clean, we are happy to consult and help with your sterilize your Critical Environment.


Honest to goodness service is what separates us from others. Although the services listed below are provided to you at no costwe believe it's the way in which we 'serve' clients that keeps them coming back.
Give us a call today and let us prove it to you.

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OR, just to chat with a knowledgable and competent person about your needs!


Site Specific CAD Drawings

Whether we visit your location to take measurements, you send us an architectural drawing or forward a rough sketch, we'll create customized CAD drawings based on your needs and tailored to your space.

Of course we’re able to work directly with your architectural firm, project manager or front office secretary for that matter, if doing so makes things easier for you. 

Product Price Quotes & Detailed Project Estimates

We understand at first it's often about getting in the ballpark with project costs and that final decisions will come down to detailed figures. That's why from the beginning we’ll work together to create a comprehensive estimate, accounting for any variety of options, to give you the best possible set of numbers to work from. And, if you’ve already put together a budget and just need to know how to get the most bang for your buck, well we can help there too.

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