Containment Solutions

With most large data centers effectively employing some form of containment to address growing costs for electricity and a static amount of power supply, containment has become a common solution for Upper Management to cut back on Cooling costs.

Though Data Center Containment, and Data Center Cooling work together in harmony, the core purpose of the two vastly differ.  While there are a variety of designs available to cool a Data Center, Rack, or Row, the main purpose of the containment is to optimize the cooling at the highest efficiency. 

Data center containment applies barriers, components and methods to contain and direct air flow to keep hot and cold air from mixing within the environment. Air mixing dilutes the cooling process by warming cool air intended for the rack equipment and servers.  Therefore, the required power consumption of the CRAC/CRAH units drastically increases while reducing the efficiency of the cooling units.


  • Lower energy bills through prevention of air dilution.

  • Saves Facility Managers up to 30 percent on their annual utility bill.

  • Containment solutions can reduce energy expense by 5% to 10%, while also reducing fan energy by 20% to 25%.  

  • IT can set air cooling at 70-80 degrees instead of 50-60.

  • Allows for savings through reduction of air temperature requirements.