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Command Center Industries

Command Centers


Often referred to as "War Rooms" in Military, Command Centers can take many shapes and forms between different industries.  The common denominator between them all is they are unique to their industry providing a centralized command center for operations. This command center permits an organization to have a source of logistical guidance ensuring all operations are running as efficiently as possible.  It provides leadership the ability to monitor, render decisions, and act quickly to prevent disaster from hitting the most critical components of every establishment.

  • Emergency Services / Dispatch

  • Traffic Control / CCTV

  • Military

  • Prisons / Casinos

  • Police / Tactical Operations

  • Security Operations Centers (SOC)

All are examples of common command centers.  Without a command center, the establishment cannot provide proper communication and action opening the increasing chance for catastrophe.

Ensuring that the command center has the right design, ergonomics, technologies, and control room furniture will drastically improve:

  • Operation Management

  • Business Applications

  • Safety / Civil Management

  • Emergency Management

  • Efficiency

  • Crisis Prevention

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