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An interruption of power can

result in an absolute disaster!

Don't believe it?   Just ask countless numbers of people who've experienced this tragedy. Unlike most disasters, you won't see this one coming until it's too late.

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Get your high quality personal UPS unit to prevent the loss of valuable data and protect electronic devices.


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It’s well recognized that when it comes to power, many organizations provide backup power on a building wide basis. What should surprise you however is that in most cases these environments don't actually protect every receptacle in the building.


So ask yourself, what would happen if your device was plugged into an unprotected receptacle and there was a  sudden power outage, surge, spike or lightning strike?


For many this would spell certain disaster. Today many conscientious professionals are finding it invaluable to connect their own systems into a single personal UPS unit. At roughly the size of an external hard drive, personal UPS units are perfect for any home office or professional environment.


This small UPS provides up to 45 minutes of runtime after power has been completely lost; allowing ample time to safely shutdown computing devices after protecting your valuable data.


Although Legacy Designs provides a wide range of Uninterruptible Power Supply  (UPS) products, one such device is specifically designed to protect your work on an individual basis.





  • Ease of use: plug-and-play capability (3S550 & 750 only) — features HID-compliant USB port for automatic integration with Windows, Mac and Linux (no drivers required)

  • EcoControl for 30 percent greater energy savings than a typical battery backup (model 3S750 only)

  • Attractive design and glossy finish make the 3S a perfect fit for the modern office environment

  • Up to 10 receptacles — (5) battery backup and surge protection, (5) surge protection

  • Data line protection for telephone, fax or Ethernet

  • User-replaceable batteries

  • Integrated graceful shutdown capability for connected devices






  • Model 3S350 (350 VA) = $58.00

  • Model 3S550 (550 VA) = $73.00

  • Model 3S750 (750 VA) = $99.00


** Call for volume discount pricing.

Legacy Design delivers top-tier service and support to our clients. Service comes first ...and it stays that way long after the sale. When you build your business on a foundation of being responsive, resourceful and reliable, you become more to your clients than just another vendor ... you become a trusted ally and partner. We have earned our reputation by offering quality products from trusted manufactures at a competitive prices.


Our clients are those seeking a partner, someone who'll work with them in perfecting a solution; someone who sees the big picture, not just a sale. They're open to new ideas and have trust us in seeking out important innovations.  


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