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5 Quick Insights About e-Systems Contour Consoles

The 6” base frame and stackable wall system provides the structural strength for hi-density monitor and hardware integration, while allowing for space design efficiencies like that of standard office furnishings.

  1. Stackable slatwall design allows for single, double and triple tiers of flat panels combining both workstation interaction and privacy.

  2. The Contour line offers multiple ways to integrate CPU hardware: space-efficient swing caddy, storage modules with roll-out shelves and high-density lockers can be used for shared equipment that integrates directly within the workstation footprint.

  3. Contour workstations can be specified with rack-mount modules to store 19” equipment and communications gear common to dispatch, call-centers and other emergency response environments.

  4. Task related accessories easily attach to the slatwall to manage binder storage, monitor arms, phone trays, documentation and many other common office needs.


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