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Is Your Business At Risk During Power Failure

What Risk Is Your Business Exposed Too Without An Uninterruptible Power Supply?

In our last topic of conversation, we highlighted what safety and health concerns are associated in the event of catastrophe, if precautionary measures were not taken. But what is the risk to your Business without a reliable Uninterruptible Power Source?

Every business owner knows the risk they took creating a company from scratch and the hurdles they had to overcome in order to develop a successful organization. Imagine your life’s work coming to a sudden end, all due to a natural disaster, blackout across the grid, internal malfunction, etc…..Unfortunately this is all but a reality for those who have not taken the necessary steps to prevent a disaster from occurring to them.

Stories of Lost Business

James Naas, Power Generator Specialist for over 17 years reiterated the point of companies not being prepared for emergency situations stating, “It takes a natural disaster like a hurricane or blizzard to destroy someone’s business before they realize the need to protect themselves against power outages. Unfortunately, by then it is too late and millions of dollars are lost to the wind.” This is a great example from this article. James goes on to say how common it is for a company to lose millions due to an act of god, for them to realize how critical a UPS is ... and by then it is too late.

Mr. Naas recalls numerous stories from businesses that have seen this first hand, including grocery chains that lost power for up to six weeks causing their produce, meats/sea foods and dairy to spoil creating a total loss of well over $300,000. Another was a high tech production plant with 25% of their supply chain cut while technicians resolved the problem. Can you imagine what the total cost would be if you lost 25% of your production estimate, for 6 weeks of repair?

It is stories like these that are all too common, yet remain overlooked because most believe it cannot not happen to them.

What Is the Good News

The good news is all of this can be prevented with sound preparation. Knowing how to prepare for emergency situations and having a plan in place is the first step in preparing your facility, and more importantly, the lifeline of your business from catastrophe. Understanding how to choose a reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply, how to maintain an UPS, how much backup power your load requires, associated energy costs/benefits, and much more are all aspects you must take into consideration when developing a reliable plan. Fortunately, there are endless resources that excel in this area and can assist in the process. Additionally, we will be covering many of these topics in the weeks to come.

First and foremost, we wanted to create awareness around this topic so

professionals realize how common this pain point is across multiple industries. From here we will begin diving deeper into how to protect your business against calamity.

Should you ever need help in this area, we would be more than willing to assist or at least point you in the right direction. One of our trusted employees are always available to help through our website at, or you can reach Corey Wilson at

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