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Selecting the right control room console for your demanding mission critical environment requires considering the proper balance between operator needs and technology integration, while taking into account control room elements. Some of the most common evaluation criteria are ergonomics, function, modularity, leadtime and durability. You might also have a very unique requirement needing customized recommendations. And, of course, cost can’t be ignored. With so much to consider, it is crucial you rely on product specialists with proven knowledge and skills to help you make the best choice. It will be important that they capture detailed information about short term requirements and future plans, survey operators for their preferences, identify key pain points of current and past experiences, and make creative design recommendations. A sampling of key discussion points include: • Operator comfort during long shifts • Collaborative operator interactions • Traffic patterns and distractions • Access and sightlines to monitoring information • Storage and protection of critical technology and equipment • Potential impact of long range business plans When a manufacturer has a commitment to excellence, they have created a team of knowledgeable engineers and product specialists and highly trained production staff that bring decades of experience to control room console design, project management and manufacture, which results in, • Innovative leading-edge products with advanced ergonomic features and technology integration • Precision design and construction resulting in superior quality and trouble free installation • Diligent schedule oversight with ability to react to changing project schedules • Unrivaled leadtimes and consistent on time deliveries for built to spec, cost effective consoles • Proven long term durability backed by a limited lifetime warranty Some long term benefits of making the right control room console choice include: • Appropriately designed consoles and layouts increase operator efficiency and process accuracy, resulting in lower operating costs • A scalable console design allows for future reconfigurations and expansion to meet dynamic business strategies, but limits associated costs • Enhanced ability to attract and retain highly skilled operators, reducing administrative costs associated with hiring and training E-Systems Group's attention to detail, innovative control room console design, precision production and ontime delivery assures successful project implementation and long term satisfaction.

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