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Why an Uninterrupted Power Supply is Crucial

In a world where every aspect of our lives is driven by technology, the need for a reliable backup source of power is paramount. It’s easy to make the case that our personal/work computers can be considered the most crucial devices we own. Whether we are documenting records, creating architectural plans, searching the web, or simply communicating with business partners; it’s evident we heavily rely on computers and their need for reliable power. Everyday huge amounts of critical data are stored on computers, becoming the very lifeblood driving business operations.


What happens when power to these machines is interrupted without warning? How many of you are putting the final touches together on a project to be completed by the end of the day? Even if you regularly backup your document data, when a power failure occurs and crashes your computer system the damage could be catastrophic. Consider the problems of having to complete your project starting from scratch. This may sound like a worse case scenario, but consider this occurs every day to someone. Ask yourself, could such an event put my business relationships in jeopardy? Possibly even losing a potential client. All this because a power outage or interruption occurred. In many cases, the recovery of the lost data is impossible!

Aside from losing productivity, the process involved in a systematic shutdown is just as important to keep the computer running smoothly. This process includes saving all your data.

Such incidents are more common than most people recognize. The fact is, such a scenario doesn’t have to be your fate. A secure and safe shut down in the event of a power interruption can be achieved with the help of a UPS, or Uninterrupted Power Supply. UPS systems today are primarily designed to provide enough power to your computer in cases where power is interrupted for you to save all your work and shutdown the computer properly. The UPS is also designed to protect your PC from voltage fluctuations, something that is often referred to as a ‘spike’ or ‘surge’ in power. High voltage itself may lead to overheating and, can irreparably damage the computer. Low voltage, on the other hand, prevents the optimum performance of the computer. A UPS system can prevent all these problems, including protection against power surges, spikes and saps. Whenever there is overloading of the main power line (or trunk), there is a chance that your computer might suffer damage, so integrating a UPS system between your computer and power supply can prevent this problem.

In other words, a UPS is absolutely critical for any organization across all industries.

While Most large scale organizations utilize large scale UPS there are risks involved when employees are switching stations, unplugging the UPS, or moving from one power source to another.


One solution that many professionals find invaluable is connecting their own systems into a personal UPS. At roughly the size of an external hard drive, these personal UPS units are the perfect solution for any environment. A quality UPS will provide up to 45 minutes of runtime after power has been completely lost.

A bit of advice; don’t continue to overlook the importance and value that a UPS provides. When you consider the cost of a quality UPS, you’ll also quickly discover how *inexpensive such an investment is. (*Click here for pricing info.) An Uninterrupted Power Supply unit is not only essential to your day-to-day operations, it could protect the very life of your business.

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