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Miley Cyrus and Liebert GXT3: One Surprising Thing They Have in Common

Don't scratch your head so long when the answer is obvious. Miley Cyrus and the Liebert GXT3 both have power to spare. Other than that, Miley won't give you more than a sore neck from all that twirking, something that the Liebert GXT3 will spare you.

Liebert® GXT3 Small is a single phase UPS with on-line double conversion technology making it ideal for protecting critical IT loads such as VoIP and PoE which demand continuous high-quality AC power and provides a significantly higher power capacity compared to other UPS in its range.

In addition, it maintains a compact footprint thus providing flexibility while delivering high performance.

And with integrated internal automatic and manual maintenance bypass, it means that power continues to be supplied to the load during system maintenance or in the event of a UPS malfunction, further guaranteeing continuity of power to critical loads.

Complete with integrated batteries it will ensure the run time necessary for safe shutdown while also offering the added advantage of providing extended back up power via external battery cabinets.

  • Compact and flexible RT design that adapts to different and changing installation needs

  • IT look and feel that very well fits with IT environments

  • Rotatable LED display for easy data reading

  • Hot swap batteries and extended runtime option increasing availability

  • 0.9 output power factor maximizing active power available

  • Excellent input and output performances for reduced TCO

  • Embedded maintenance bypass for 100% uptime with no need of additional spending

  • Multiple output options (terminal block and sockets) adapting to all customers needs.

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