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Upcoming ‘Control Room Design’ Workshop - May 20th, 2015

Yes, you heard it right, Legacy Designs is sponsoring a 'Control Room Design Workshop'! presented by Steve Whitley, President and founder of Design Matters, a leading consultant and specialist of 24/7 Mission Critical Control Room design. If you have active role in a 24/7 Mission Critical Control Room environment then consider yourself personally invited to attend this informative presentation and roundtable discussion. (Control Room Operator/Controller, Control Room Supervisor/Manager, Plant Safety and Facilities personnel)

Steve Whitely is considered one of the foremost experts in control room design. His Design Matters team collectively has experience working with over 1,000 control rooms nationwide, including both a broad spectrum of industries as well as applications.

Their unique methodology incorporates a combination of ‘100 Critical Elements’ that factor into their design criteria. In fact, the Design Matters method exceeds ISO 11064 standards in control room design.

Design Matters routinely provides a more dynamic planning experience and recommendations based on site specific gathered intelligence, current best practices, industry standards, as well as considerations of future trends.

In this workshop you’ll learn

How Control Room Design directly impacts operator efficiency, operational safety and productivity. Within the 2 packed hours of content and discussion you’ll gain key critical insights on how to identify, measure, and effectively correct those elements that negatively impact your control room. Topics include …

  • Traffic

  • Noise

  • Interruption

  • Fatigue

  • Distraction

  • Lighting

  • Limited screen visibility

  • Poor Ergonomics

The roundtable offers a unique forum for peer-to-peer sharing of experiences, critical issues, and expertise. Steve’s workshops have helped hundreds of control rooms and thousands of operators improve their overall productivity.

Get all the details by visiting our Eventbrite page.

Time is short and this event is limited to the first 50 registrants …so hurry!

(A Continental Breakfast will also be provided.)

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